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Corn Fiesta Chicken 70gms Bundle of 20

Have a party when you pop open Corn Fiesta's chicken-flavored corn snack! Enjoy the savory taste of chicken matched with perfectly crunchy corn curls.

Corn Fiesta Chilli Cheese 70gms Bundle of 20

An exciting combination of flavors awaits you when you try Corn Fiesta's chilli cheese-flavored corn curls! Snack on yummy cheese corn curls with the right amount of heat.

Corn Fiesta BBQ 70gms Bundle of 20

Smoky, savory, and with a hint of sweetness, Corn Fiesta's delicious barbecue-flavoured corn curls are a real must-try! Open a bag to enjoy crunchy corn curls made more flavourful with barbecue.

Corn Fiesta Cheese 70gms Bundle of 20

Sharp, creamy, and a real treat to your taste buds, Corn Fiesta's cheese-flavoured corn curls is a snack you'll surely get enough of! Delight in this classic flavour that wonderfully complements crunchy corn curls.